Had enough with plaque psoriasis
treatments ruining your


Discover Lexette Foam

A powerful topical corticosteroid that treats your plaque
psoriasis flare-ups in as quickly as 2 weeks. And unlike typical
topicals, it comes in an elegant, ultralight, greaseless foam
formulation that goes on clean and won’t leave a mark.

Can of LEXETTE Foam

See why LEXETTE Foam is different

You asked, we listened! LEXETTE Foam was designed to have everything you want in a topical treatment.

Not greasy or sticky

Easy to apply and spread on plaques

Lightweight and airy texture

Dries quickly, leaving no residue behind

Free of fragrances and parabens

Foam is unique, particularly in the sense that it provides more freedom for use than traditional topical treatments.

Plaque Psoriasis Sufferer

And it works!

The main ingredient in LEXETTE foam, halobetasol propionate, 0.05%, is a powerful topical steroid that has been used for years because it's clinically proven to be effective and it works fast

In just 2 weeks, 5x more people using LEXETTE Foam experienced clear or almost clear skin than people using a foam with no medicine.*

*See full Prescribing Information.
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