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Many plaque psoriasis patients are frustrated with their topical vehicle1

When choosing a treatment for plaque psoriasis, patients rated the following topical attributes as extremely important or important*:

80% easy to apply
77% leaves no residue
81% spreads easily
87% absorbs quickly

*135 patients with plaque psoriasis were asked to rate the acceptability of product administration and overall treatment experience by answering questions from a survey.1

LEXETTE Foam has what patients look for1

  • Not greasy or sticky
  • Dries quickly
  • Leaves no residue
  • Easy to apply to plaques, including large body surface, hair-bearing, and non-hair-bearing areas
  • Maintains consistency to allow sufficient time to apply
  • Lightweight and airy
  • Free of fragrances and parabens

When I put on ointment at night and don’t give it ample time to dry—I feel like I am sliding around in greasy sheets when I’m trying to sleep.

Moderate psoriasis patient

Satisfaction with the vehicle may lead to improved patient compliance1

In 2 studies of 659 plaque psoriasis patients, 86% said they would comply with a foam treatment 75%–100% of the time.1

A closer look at the formulation of LEXETTE Foam2

Ingredient name Function
Halobetasol propionate (corticosteroid) Active ingredient
Alcohol, denatured (SDA 40B)
  • Solvent for halobetasol
  • Carrier of halobetasol for drug delivery
Benzoic acid Can corrosion inhibitor
Cetostearyl alcohol

Foam-structuring agent:

  • Emulsion stabilizer
  • Opacifying agent
  • Surfactant foam booster
  • Emollient
Emulsifying wax

Foam-structuring agent:

  • Emulsifier
Polyoxyl 20 cetostearyl ether

Foam-structuring agent:

  • Non-ionic emulsifier
Propylene glycol (only 5%)
  • Humectant (hydrating)
  • Stabilizer
  • Drug delivery/penetration enhancer
  • Emollient
Purified water Base diluent
Hydrocarbon (isobutane/propane) propellant Propellant

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