Excellent access and affordability with the mayne pharma patient savings card

Patients can save on their LEXETTE Foam prescription at participating retail and specialty pharmacies nationwide*

  1. Download the card, no activation required
  2. Remind patients to take their LEXETTE Foam prescription and Mayne Pharma Patient Savings Card to the pharmacy

Here’s what your patients can expect to pay*


for most insured, eligible, covered patients


As little as $65

for most uncovered, eligible patients

Out-of-pocket costs may vary.

*Complete Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility Criteria are included with the Mayne Pharma Patient Savings Card.

Lexette Foam is available to patients in 50 grams or 100 grams (two 50-gram cans)

LEXETTE Foam patient brochure

LEXETTE Foam patient brochure

Savings is just one of the things we offer to help your patients. This brochure has savings information and instructions for how to apply LEXETTE Foam.

Download brochure

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