Proven Tolerability and Safety through week 21

Results were seen in multiple clinical trials

In randomized, multicenter, vehicle-controlled clinical trials, 351 adults with plaque psoriasis were treated with LEXETTE Foam twice daily for up to 2 weeks (up to a maximum of 50 grams per week).

Incidence of treatment-related adverse reactions in ≥1% of patients treated with LEXETTE Foam through Week 21

Adverse reaction LEXETTE FOAM
Vehicle Foam
Application site burning/stinging 12% 15%
Application site pain 1% <1%
Headache 1% <1%

Skin atrophy (n=1) and telangiectasia (n=2) were reported with LEXETTE Foam, but not with vehicle foam.

Adverse reactions were mostly mild in severity1

Patients prefer foam!

In 2 studies of 659 plaque psoriasis patients, 86% said they would comply with a foam treatment 75%–100% of the time.2

Patients treated with LEXETTE Foam stayed on treatment as directed*1

zero patients

treated with LEXETTE Foam discontinued treatment due to adverse reactions

~97% of patients

who used LEXETTE Foam complied with treatment for the entire treatment period

*A patient was considered compliant with the dosing regimen if the patient applied at least 80% of expected applications and did not have any significant dosing protocol deviations.

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