Works quickly for significant results your patients can see in just 2 weeks

Up to 5x more patients achieved Treatment Success

(clear or almost clear skin) with LEXETTE Foam compared to vehicle foam at Day 151

Primary endpoint

Treatment Success was defined as an Investigator’s Global Assessment or IGA score of "clear" (Grade 0) or "almost clear" (Grade 1) and at least a 2-grade improvement from the baseline score at Week 2.

treatment success was achieved in multiple clinical signs of plaque psoriasis at week 21

Secondary endpoint

Treatment Success was defined by evaluating a target plaque on an individual clinical signs of psoriasis including plaque elevation, scaling, and erythema at Week 2.

Studied in a wide range of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis patients1

LEXETTE Foam was evaluated in 2 multicenter, randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled clinical studies of 560 adult patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis involving 2%–12% body surface area (BSA).

Patients were treated with LEXETTE Foam twice daily for up to 2 weeks (up to a maximum of 50 grams per week). The average patient used 5.1 grams of LEXETTE Foam per day.

Baseline demographics

  • 59% male/41% female
  • 90% Caucasian/8% Black or African American/2% other race
  • Ages ranged from 18–85 years/Average age was 51

Disease severity characteristics at baseline

  • 87% of patients had moderate psoriasis (IGA = 3)
  • 13% of patients had severe psoriasis (IGA = 4)
  • Mean BSA affected was 5.4%

IGA Scale

  Grade Description
  0 Clear Minor residual discoloration, no erythema/scaling/plaque thickness
  1 Almost clear Occasional fine scale/faint erythema/barely perceptible
  2 Mild disease Fine scales predominate; light red coloration
  3 Moderate disease Coarse scales predominate, moderate red coloration
  4 Severe disease Thick tenacious scales predominate; deep red coloration

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